Kathie Bailey

I discovered Erika Lamas by total chance as walking one day in the Marina of Puerto Vallarta. I had wanted to have Professional Eye, Brow and Lip done for quite some time. I saw some of her work and made my appointment and the next day I was on the table. There was no pain involved after her application of the Lidocaine combination applied the areas selected. Within about 1 and a 1/2 hours there was a complete transformation.

Everything I ever wanted and it was perfect, precise and she was meticulous. The colors we selected were Divine and I wish I had done Permanent Make years before as I so wanted to do.

I LOVE it No Fuss, No muss.

Thank you Erika so much for giving me the daily beauty of makeup without doing a thing. Best Regards you are the Best I would recommend your work to everyone.

Joy Russell

Erika, you did an amazing and wonderful job on my lips. It's been about 16 or 17 day ago ... they are MORE PERFECT that I could have even imagined. There is not one flaw, no touch up is needed (nor wanted). I could not have possibly known how much soreness there was going to be.... I can tell you every moment is worth the difference and look in my lips. You are a credit to your profession and I must say, you are understated in your recommendations. I believe you are greater than you think. Such perfection. If I can ever help from this side of the border, please have anyone e-mail me and I would be happy to share my success and recommendation.

You are the greatest and when we come back to Puerto Vallarta, I will have you do my eyebrows. They are fine today, but maybe a year from now, I could us a touch up by you.

Thank you so much and regards.

Carolynn Kert

I have been using Erika for my make-up tattooing for many years. I am very satisfied with her work. Her precise eye truly makes her an artist in her field of work. I highly recommend using Erika in all the services she offers. I personally have had my eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner and lips. I wake up in the morning looking and feeling very refreshed, not to mention the time it will save you of putting on make-up!

Marilu Suarez

I’ve done permanent curling lashes with Erika for many year and six months ago I did my eyebrows. Her work has always been professional and I leave very happy with the results. Although I do not live in Mexico, every time I return to Vallarta first thing I do is make an appointment with Erika for curly eyelashes. Also, a friend who lives in another country visited us in México and I took her to Erika to get her eyes done, my friend was very happy with the results and tells me that everyone gives her compliments about her eyes. I highly recommend Erika for her professionalism and the great results you always get.

Mary Cameron

I have had my eyebrows and eyeliner top and bottom done twice. Erika… you are marvelous I´ve brought my 86 years old mother for the first time to have her eyebrows done. That a great difference. Thanks so much!

Mary Mc Donald

I had my eyebrows done last year and they are still great. Looking forward to having them touched up next year. No one is better than Erika. I recommended her highly.

Paula Wilson

I love my eyebrows and eye liner done, and it´s the best thing I have done for myself.

Cecile Gaudreau

Je suis très satisfaite de ton travail Erika. J’ai un maquillage discret et naturel. Merci pour la pacience bondant le moment où j’ai été plus stressée.


I am, all places in the world. Erika is the best artist in permanent make up in the world. Always is a perfectionist and does a perfect job. “You are my Picasso”

Charles Smith

Awesome job on my wife, eyebrows 100% amazing!! Thanks Erika

Caroline Royer

I have been many times at Erika´s shop and her work is very professional, I am very satisfy with my lips, my eyes and my eyebrows. She has the newest technic better than the U.S. I send her clients all the time.

Merci Beaucoup

Thank very much. The best investment ever made. Wonderful!! I´ve been told. I’m beautiful, I´m 72 years old.

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